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Michael Casey James Wright Professor of Music, Professor of Computer Science

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  Michael Casey is the James Wright Professor of Music, Professor in the Department of Computer Science, and current Chair of the Department of Music (2009-2013, and 2016-2018) at Dartmouth College. He directs the Bregman Lab, an interdisciplinary research group investigating links between music, computation, and neuroscience. Google scholar h-index 25
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Teaching In addition to independent studies with undergraduate and graduate students, I teach the following courses at Dartmouth:
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Casey, M. (2010) United States Patent Application Method for Automatically Analysing and Remixing Multimedia Content using Embedded Computational Devices

Casey, M. (2001) United States Patent 6,321,200 Method for extracting features from a mixture of signals(Granted 2003)

Smaragdis, P. and Casey, M. (2003) United States Patent 7,218,755 Detecting temporally related components of multi-modal signals (Granted 2007)

Casey, M. (2001) United States Patent Application 20010044719 Method and system for recognizing, indexing, and searching acoustic signals

Wolf, P. and Casey, M., (2002) United States Patent Application 20040064306 Voice activated music playback system

Divakaran, A., Radhakrishnan, R. and Casey, M. (2002) United States Patent Application 20040008789 Audio-assisted video segmentation and summarization



I studied music composition with Cedric Carnall at the Lutterworth Grammar School and then studied electro-acoustic music with Denis Smalley at the University of East Anglia, UK; Jon Appleton, Kathryn Alexander, and Larry Polansky at Dartmouth College, USA; and Tod Machover and Barry Vercoe at the MIT Media Lab, USA. I have received two international prizes and my works which appear on two CDs published by the Media Laboratory at MIT.

Computer Scientist

In 1984, at the age of 16, I wrote my first commercial computer program, in 6502 assembly language, to analyze and predict premier league soccer results for Ken Flood, a local entrepreneur. After receiving my doctorate from MIT I became a research scientist at the MERL computer science laboratory in Cambridge, MA (1999), Professor of Computer Science at the Unversity of London's Goldsmiths College (2004), and Professor of Music and Computer Science at Dartmouth (2008-). From 2009-2013 I was Chair of the Department of Music and 2011-2013 I was co-chair of the Year of the Arts initivative.

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