Founded in 1967 by Professor Jon Appleton, the Bregman Studios have been at the forefront of Electronic Music Innovation for almost fifty years.

The faculty, students, and staff at Bregman Studios practice and research approaches to music and sound combined with image, touch, mind, and design. Our original interdisciplinary research is funded by industry (Google), federal grants (NSF, NEH), and foundation grants (Mellon Foundation, Neukom Institute for Computational Science). Our award-winning creations feature regularly at major international festivals, conferences, and concerts, and in scholarly periodicals, books, and collected editions.

Research and creative practice at the Bregman Media Labs has been funded by:

  • Google, Inc. Faculty Research Award
  • The National Science Foundation
  • The National Endowment for the Humanities
  • The Mellon Foundation, Leslie Center Grants
  • Danish Research Council Award
  • The Neukom Institute for Computational Science
  • The Leslie Center for the Humanities
  • Dartmouth Dean of Faculty Scholarship and Innovation Awards