Updates, New Deadline: April 15th

Dear Turing Test Community,

We are now receiving entries to the Neukom Institute's Turing Tests in the Creative Arts, and the first entries are in. With six weeks until the (updated) deadline of April 15th, 2016, we are looking forward to seeing your creative efforts.

We are still working out the logistics of the competition announcements as well as the judge list and hope to have some news on that soon. We also anticipate announcing some exciting developments with respect to our NPR collaboration on this project.

The competition rules still stand as given on the Web site, but we have some clarifications and corrections:

1. For both Digilit and Poetix, assume that input is: utf-8 encoded string that will be input from the "terminal". It may be one or more words, terminated by a carriage return.

2. For both Digilit and Poetix, we require that you use at most 100MB disk space.

3. For Poetix: (a) We have conflicting criteria on RAM. Assume 16GB max. (b) You need not generate a title.

More soon!

The Turing Tests in Creative Arts Team