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Competition submission details

Dear Turing Tests entrants:

We're looking forward to your entries apologies for the delay on our end.


(1) Some of you require an entire computing environment to install and run your code. In order to do that we need to create AWS accounts for you. If this pertains to you then please send a note to turingtests@math.dartmouth.edu so that we can get you a server login.

Submitting your creative code for evaluation?

Dear Turing Test Community,

Despite the activities of the groundhog, spring is closer than we think and the deadline for this year's Turing Tests approaches. We are writing to ask that if you hope to send an entry (really, just "hope to"), then we ask that you send us a brief note to that effect, including only your name and what competition you will be entering. This will help us with planning.

Please send your intent-to-submit ASAP to: turingtests@math.dartmouth.edu

Awards Announced for 2017 Turing Tests in the Creative Arts

June 20, 2017

The Neukom Institute for Computational Science at Dartmouth College has announced the winners of the 2017 "Turing Tests in the Creative Arts."

The awards were revealed today at the Music Metacreation Workshop (MuMe), part of the International Conference on Computational Creativity (ICCC), in Atlanta.

2017 Competition Online Evaluation Survey

Dear Creative Turing Tests enthusiast,

Entries for the 2017 Turing Tests in the Creative Arts are now in, and we'd like your help evaluating them. Please take our 15-minute music evaluation survey. The task is to evaluate human-computer duets for both instrumental and dance performances. Evaluations must be completed by Sunday, Jun 18, 23:59pm, EST, and the results will be presented on Jun 20 at the Music Meta-creation workshop (MuMe) at the International Conference on Computational Creativity in Atlanta next week. Thank you very much for your participation.

DanceX - Artificial Dance Partner Competition

DanceX is a competition in computer-generated dance partner for human-computer dance duet. All duet pieces contain two parts: a human lead (to be performed by a human) and a computer partner (to be performed by the submitted artificial dancer). Both performers “know” the music to dance with, and the computer partner needs to follow the leader, reacting to the human dance in an artistic manner.

Competition Results! Announced May 18th, 2016

AlgoRhythms Competition Results

Number of Completed Entries: 8

First Prize (joint): Jaume Parera and Pritish Chandna (Music Technology Group, Upf, Barcelona, Spain) - DJ Codo Nudo, 39% of audience voted set as "Human": $2000
First Prize (joint): CJ Carr and Zack Zukowski (Medford, MA, USA) - DadaBots - Jungle Bot, 38% of audience voted set as "Human": $2000
Second Prize:Gerard Roma (Surrey, UK), Dub Life, 28% of audience voted set as "Human": $1000

The countdown to results has begun! #CreativeTuringTests

Dear Turing Test Aficionado,

The countdown has begun! There are only eight days to go until the winners are announced. The Turing Tests in the Creative Arts entries have been tested and run. We have made anthologies of anonymous algorithmic and human works for our panel of distinguished judges to try to discern which works are human and which are algorithm.

Competition Judges (evaluations are in progress):

MP3 Test Data and Features for AlgoRhythms (DJ.2RNG.T3STS Data Repository)

Update on AlgoRhythms Dance Music Turing Tests:

The AlgoRhythms team has released 260 test tracks, metadata, and audio features for the AlgoRhythms competition at DJ.2RNG.T3STS.

Full information about the tracks, their sources, and the extracted features is available on the AlgoRhythms Specifications page.

Registration and Submission

Dear Creative Turing Test Aficionados,

Registration is now open for all three competitions: DigiList, PoetiX, and AlgoRhythms. Register here to submit an entry. An upload link will be sent to you upon registering your entry. Registration is due by April 15th, 2016.