The countdown to results has begun! #CreativeTuringTests

Dear Turing Test Aficionado,

The countdown has begun! There are only eight days to go until the winners are announced. The Turing Tests in the Creative Arts entries have been tested and run. We have made anthologies of anonymous algorithmic and human works for our panel of distinguished judges to try to discern which works are human and which are algorithm.

Competition Judges (evaluations are in progress):

David Cope (Composer, Algorithmic Music Pioneer, UCSC Music Professor)
David Krakauer (President, the Santa Fe Institute)
Louis Menand (Pulitzer Prize winning author and Professor at Harvard University)
Ray Monk (Author, Biographer, Professor of Philosophy)
Lynn Neary (NPR: Correspondent, Arts Desk and Guest Host)
Robert Siegel (NPR: Senior Host, All Things Considered)

Master of Ceremonies: Joe Palca (NPR: Correspondent, Science Desk)

We are looking forward to NPR's Joe Palca visiting Dartmouth on May 18th to announce the results of the three Creative Turing Tests competitions as part of Dartmouth's Digital Arts Expo (DAX), which will take place at the Hood Museum of Art, 7p-10p. The AlgoRhythms competition will be evaluated live at the DJ 2RNGT3STS dance party at the end of DAX:

We are pleased that the Turing Tests in the Creative Arts have received coverage in US national media, including NPR's All Things Considered, The Washington Post, and others:

Thank you for your interest in the Turing Tests; stay tuned for details of live coverage of the Turing Tests winners announcements (follow @ArtTuringTests on twitter, or search #CreativeTuringTests on May 18th 8:45p-10:15p Eastern US Time).


The Turing Tests in the Creative Arts team.