Send us an "intention to enter" e-mail, Updates to specifications

Dear Turing test aficionados,

Some brief updates on the competitions:

1. To assist us with planning, if you intend to submit an entry any of the three competitions (PoetiX, DigiList, AlgoRhythms) then we would appreciate it if you sent us a brief e-mail with your name and which competition you intend to enter, please e-mail:

2. AlgoRhythms Electronic Dance Music competition: we have added run-time environment specifications to the AlgoRhythms competition pages to support systems which generate their own original music (MIDI + samplers, synths, etc.), as well as those which select from an extant collection of music (playlist algorithms). Any combination of symbolic and audio processing methods are permitted for the competition. The goal is to create 15 mins of original music autonomously, in response to a random seed. Please Register your submission to AlgoRhythms by April 15th, working submissions must be uploaded to our servers by May 1st. To view the updates to rules and specifications, see:

We are looking forward to receiving your entries.

All best,

The Turing Tests in Creative Arts team.