Music Turing Tests 2018

For the third consecutive year, we will be conducting evaluations of machine-generated music. This year the music competition invites entries in the following categories:

Style or Free Composition

This is a new challenge for 2018 in the creation of machine-generated music in the style of a human composer. Evaluations will rank systems as best able to imitate the chosen style, and any machine whose output is indistinguishable from extant music in the given style will have "passed a Turing Test". Style categories include: Charlie Parker solos (in response to lead sheet prompt); Bach Chorales (in response to given Soprano part); Electroacoustic Music (in response to source sound inputs); and Free Composition (original work evaluated by judges and/or an audience). First Prize: $1000

Improvisation with a Human Performer

This challenge repeats the 2017 competition for machine-human music interaction, but for improvisation with a human performer. Evaluations will rank systems as best able to spontaneously respond as an equal partner in an improvised musical performance. Entries specializing in either free improvisation or jazz improvisation will be considered. Judges will be asked to rate systems in terms of their musicality and their interactivity with the human performer. Judges will also be asked if any system cannot be distinguished from a human performer in a "Turing Test". First Prize: $1000