System Specifications

Execution environments: Apple OS X 10.12.4, Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS, or Microsoft Windows 8.1/10.

Timeline: competitors will have access to the machines about 2 - 3 weeks before the competition starts (May 29, 2017) in order to get familiar with the machines are to install any software.

Software and Libraries: a suite of some standard environments like Java JRE7/8, Python 2.7+ may be provided by the Creative Turing Tests team. You may install extra software if anything needed is not on the server (competitors of Turing test will be given admin access). For example, Processing 2.1+, Beads, Max/MSP 6/7, PureData (PD), SC 3.7, Chuck 1.3+. Note that non-system libraries and frameworks must be statically linked.

Note for Mac Users

Due to possible incompatibility between different OS X, we highly encourage you to use Linux server if your program could be run via command line. If your program could only be triggered via Graphical User Interfaces, in case the program cannot run on our machines (which runs 10.12.4) due to incompatibility, organizers will do their best to help but not guaranteed to solve the problem.

Currently, we also have more restricted timeline to access the Mac servers. Competitors could have access to the machines from May 27, 8 AM (48 hours before the competition begins) to install any software. We are still working on this situation and will update via email if anything has been improved. Please remember to start you application procedure early.