Spencer Topel

Investigating the Relationship Between Pressure Force and Acoustic Waveform in Footstep Sounds

in Proceedings of the International Conference on Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
In this paper we present an inquiry into of the relationships between audio waveforms and ground reaction force in recorded footstep sounds. In an anechoic room, we recorded several footstep sounds produced while walking on creaking wood and gravel. The recordings were performed by using a pair of sandals embedded with six pressure sensors each. Investigations of the relationships between recorded force and footstep sounds is presented, together with several possible applications of the system.

Elementary Sources: Latent Component Analysis for Music Composition

Proceedings of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval
Complexity of music audio signals creates an access prollem to specific musical objects or structures within the source samples. Instead of employing more commonly used audio analysis or production techniques to access features, we describe extraction of sub-mixtures from real-world audio using a Probabilistic Latent Component Analysis-based de- composition tool for music composition.

EMdrum: An Electromagnetically Actuated Drum

New Interfaces for Musical Expression
The EMdrum, a drum electromagnetically actuated in the manner of a loudspeaker, is presented. Design principles are established and implementation is described; in particular, two alternative electromagnetic actuation designs, moving-coil and moving-magnet, are discussed. We evaluate the time-frequency response of the instrument and present a musical application.

SonicTaiji: A Mobile Instrument for Taiji Performance

International Conference on Auditory Display
SonicTaiji is a mobile instrument designed for the Android Platform. It utilizes accelerometer detection, sound synthesis, and data communication techniques to achieve real-time Taiji sonification. Taiji is an inner-strength martial art aimed at inducing meditative states. In this mobile music application, Taiji movements are sonified via gesture detection, connecting listening and movement. This instrument is a tool for practitioners to enhance the meditative experience of performing Taiji. We describe the implementation of gesture position selection, real-time synthesis, and data mapping.