Jianyu Fan

Study of Chinese and UK Hit Song Prediction

Proceedings of Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research
The top 40 chart is a popular resource used by listeners to select and purchase music. Previous work on automatic hit song prediction focused on Western pop music. However, pop songs from different parts of the world exhibit significant differences.

SonicTaiji: A Mobile Instrument for Taiji Performance

International Conference on Auditory Display
SonicTaiji is a mobile instrument designed for the Android Platform. It utilizes accelerometer detection, sound synthesis, and data communication techniques to achieve real-time Taiji sonification. Taiji is an inner-strength martial art aimed at inducing meditative states. In this mobile music application, Taiji movements are sonified via gesture detection, connecting listening and movement. This instrument is a tool for practitioners to enhance the meditative experience of performing Taiji. We describe the implementation of gesture position selection, real-time synthesis, and data mapping.